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Cheap Office Furniture

Cheap office furniture can be put to great use, especially in small businesses or start-up companies that cannot afford to buy all new office furniture. In the office furniture world, cheap office furniture, more often than not, is another phrase for used office furniture. Throughout this discussion, I will use the terms “used office furniture” and “cheap office furniture” interchangeably. There are many, many benefits that come from using cheap office furniture in your business. Here, I will highlight some of the major advantages of cheap office furniture, along with its disadvantages so that you can decide whether cheap office furniture is right for you. I will then discuss some of the places where you can get cheap office furniture, to help you save a little bit of money.

Benefits Of Cheap Office Furniture

Cost Savings

The most obvious advantage of using cheap office furniture is cost savings. You can buy used, or cheap office furniture at discounts of 50% or more to brand new furniture that is sold at the retail level. You can't tell if a lot of cheap used office furniture is new or not, as much of it is indistinguishable from more expensive brand new furniture. Some of it is only a few years old. I purchased a used glass computer desk that looks just like it came off of the factory line, except for a couple of minor scratches. I got it for about 25% of the price that a brand new one sells for. If you're in the market for cheap modern office furniture, then you may be in luck now more than ever, as the recent recession has resulted in many businesses closing up shop or relocating, and as a result, getting rid of some very good furniture. There are also a lot of businesses that periodically overhaul their office furniture for a more modern look.

Used Office Furniture Holds Its Value Longer Than New Stuff

Another important benefit to owning cheap home office furniture is the fact that it doesn't depreciate in value as quickly as new furniture. There's nothing like buying something that is brand new and then have it lose almost half of its value in a couple of years. This happens all the time with brand new cars. Also, cheap office furniture really comes in handy if you're going for the vintage look. I have some old furniture around my house from the 1970s that provides quite an eclectic look.

Take It Home The Same Day

When you shop for cheap office furniture, you can usually buy it and take it home the very same day. If you buy brand new office furniture, you may have to wait for long periods of time to have it delivered. This is very common with more popular office furniture items. This often ridiculous amount of lead time is one of the reasons why I always prefer to buy cheap used office furniture for my office.

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Cheap Discount Office Furniture Is Readily Available

In addition to being able to get cheap office furniture from shuttered businesses, cheap office furniture is also readily available in the local newspapers and at furniture liquidator stores. In many cases, you can negotiate the price. And, of course, you can always buy cheap office furniture online. I always like to look at eBay, as you can often get good deals on there, if you don't mind taking the risk of buying something without seeing it close-up first.

Help The Environment With Used Office Furniture

Even though you might not realize it, buying cheap modern office furniture instead of brand new office furniture is actually very good for the environment. After all, it is better for the environment to have the furniture in your home office than it is to have it sitting in a landfill for all of eternity. If more people purchased cheap office furniture, reducing the demand for brand new office furniture, not only would it reduce the amount of furniture in the landfills, but it would also save raw materials, reduce energy usage, and reduce the volatile organic compounds and other air pollutants that result from the manufacturing process of brand new furniture. If you're environmentally-conscious like I am, then you will definitely want to give used office furniture a second look.

Drawbacks Of Using Cheap Commercial Office Furniture

As you can see above, there are many reasons why you should consider used, or cheap, office furniture. However, in spite of some of these benefits, there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of before you decide to make a purchase. Here, I will discuss some of the pitfalls that often crop up with cheap used office furniture.

Wear and Tear That Hurts The Appearance and Functionality of Cheap Office Furniture

While many used furniture items are visually indistinguishable from brand new furniture, this is not the case with most used furniture items. Most cheap discount office furniture items show signs of wear and tear, such as scratches, dents, tears, stains, and holes in the upholstery. These signs of wear and tear can make the furniture less appealing from a visual standpoint. For this reason, most companies and offices that entertain clients and other important people only buy brand new office furniture. I would do the same, except that I can't always afford new office furniture, so I have to pay special attention to each piece of furniture that I buy. If you buy cheap used office furniture, then you also have to worry about the functionality of the furniture. For instance, I bought a used reclining office chair that had a lot of moving parts. Due to wear and tear from its previous owner, it didn't last as long as I had hoped. Sometimes, things like this come with the territory of dealing with used office furniture.

Nothing Like An Old Used Reclining Office Chair That Breaks While You're Sitting In It!

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Returns of Cheap Discount Office Furniture Aren't Always Possible

One time, I bought a used computer desk for my office, only to find out when I got it to my office that it wasn't going to work the way that I had wanted it to. When I took it back to the store, the manager would not accept it because the store has a no return policy. As I found out later on, most stores do not accept returns on used furniture, as they can't keep selling these furniture items over and over again. And, of course, due to the wear and tear that most used office furniture has, very few discount office furniture stores will offer a warranty. For this reason, before you make a purchase, you must always make sure that the store in question accepts returns, in case the furniture does not perform in the way that you expect it to.

Repair Can Be Difficult

Many used cheap office furniture items can be very difficult to repair if they break down. This is especially true of older items that no one makes replacement parts for anymore. If you can't find replacement parts for your furniture, then you may be left with no choice but to throw it away, flushing money down the drain. I had an old office chair that I used in my home office and the mechanism broke on me. Very seldom can an old office chair mechanism be repaired. I ended up having to get rid of the chair. Some old office furniture costs more to repair than what it's worth.

Need Matching Office Furniture? Might Need To Get New Stuff

If you need to buy numerous pieces of office furniture that are all of the same color and configuration, then you will almost always end up buying new office furniture. While there is a wide selection of used office furniture available, it is highly unlikely that you will find a matching set. The purchasing manager of the office where I used to work ended up having to spend a lot more money on new office chairs and desks because his supervisor had mandated that the furniture all looks alike.

Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Office Furniture

So, after considering the advantages and disadvantages of cheap custom office furniture mentioned above, you have decided to look for cheap used office furniture. Here, I will list some places where you can find good deals on quality used office furniture.

Visit Local Yard Sales

While it may seem silly to look for office furniture at yard sales, you can often find good deals there. When I ran an auto body shop, I needed to get a sofa for the waiting room. I found a used living room sofa that worked great. I got it at a local yard sale for a bargain-basement price. The guy who sold it to me was desperate to get rid of it. He had gotten a new sofa for his house and he had no room to keep the other one. So, I ended up with a functioning, visually-acceptable sofa for $25.

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Read The Paper

You should also check out the classified section of your local newspaper. Here, you may find sellers who are just as desperate as the guy who sold me my sofa. These folks are often more than willing to negotiate on the price of the item in question. I found an antique desk chair in the classifieds of my local paper. I bought it for pennies on the dollar, and later sold it for a nice profit.

Go Online

If you don't mind taking the risk of buying used cheap office furniture items without first getting a close-up view of them, then you should check out online marketplaces like eBay, where you can get a wide variety of items at very reasonable prices. Some sellers might even offer free shipping so that you'll take it off of their hands. You should also check out Craigslist.

Any Businesses Closing Up Shop In Your Area?

If you know of any companies that are shutting down or relocating, then you should definitely stop by and ask them about what they intend to do with their office furniture. Oftentimes, these companies end up just donating their furniture to charity. The good thing about their furniture is that they'll get rid of it long before it gets to the point where it's no longer visually appealing or inoperable. It also helps if you know people who work at these places. An old friend of mine once hooked me up with a couple of desks that his company was throwing out. My employees still use those desks.

Visit Your Local Office Furniture Liquidator Store

If there are any office furniture liquidator stores in your area, then you would do well to stop by and browse their selection. These stores often sell brand new office furniture at prices that are better than what many used furniture pieces are selling for. One place that I like is the City Liquidators Furniture Warehouse. They sell a wide variety of furniture, including custom office furniture, dining room furniture, and bedroom furniture. You can find them online at

If you're looking for used, cheap office furniture, then you are now armed with valuable information that pertains to the many advantages and drawbacks of cheap office furniture, as well as information on where you can buy it. By using the information that I have provided, you should be able to make well-informed decisions to help you come away with some really good deals.

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