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Bookcases With Doors

You are about to open up a law office, and you need some quality office furniture that you can use to store all of the books that you've accumulated over the years so that you can keep them all in one place for future reference. Bookcases with doors can help you achieve this objective. In this article, I will discuss many of the benefits that come with using bookcases with doors, how to find good deals on bookcases with doors, and some of the considerations that you should be taking into account if you're in the market for antique bookcases with doors.

Benefits Of Using Bookcases With Doors

Bookcases With Doors Can Be Quite The Attraction

Bookcases with doors can provide a great accent piece to really improve the look and feel of your office. Visitors may be impressed upon entering your office and seeing your bookcase with doors stand out amongst everything else in an otherwise drab office. Bookcases with doors can be decorated in a number of different ways in order to attract attention to it from visitors. Your bookcase with doors could be an excellent conversation piece that can help you break the ice during an initial conversation with a potential client.

Use Bookcases With Doors To Organize Your Office 

Wooden bookcases with doors can go a long way toward providing some organization to an otherwise cluttered environment. Books, collectibles, and other items can be stored in the bookcase when they would otherwise be lying around in random areas, creating chaos within the office. Although bookcases with doors can be used to provide organization in your room, they themselves can become unorganized. However, the doors can be used to hide this chaos until you can organize it later on. As you can imagine, a cluttered office can be rather embarrassing when a client pops by unannounced.

What About The Doors?

The doors of the bookcase can be locked to protect sensitive information that is being kept within the bookcase. The doors of a solid wood bookcase with doors set can protect items on the shelves from flying objects. This advantage really comes into play when you have children around who like to throw things. This particular situation applies to me, as my young kids are constantly running around my home office. The doors can also keep items from falling off of the shelves. This is really important for delicate items that are kept in the bookcase. In addition, the doors can help keep your items clean by keeping away dust and other particulate matter, which helps free up time that would otherwise be spent cleaning the contents of the bookcase. Wooden bookcases with glass doors can help showcase things that you are proud of, such as awards and diplomas. Stained glass doors can really give off a nice appearance and enhance the value of your bookcase. Bookcases with glass doors can protect your books and other items from the harmful effects of long-term exposure to sunlight, which may cause colors to fade, especially if the glass is tempered.

You May Have A Valuable Collector's Item

In addition to the above advantages, you can make some money off of antique wooden bookcases with doors, as they can appreciate in value over time. However, when buying antiques, special care must be taken to make sure that what you are buying is really antique, because there are many reproductions on the market that are being sold as antique.            

From this article, you should now have a better understanding of the many benefits that bookcases with doors can offer, so that you can make a well-informed decision as to whether buying a bookcase with doors is right for you.

Bookcase With Doors

Wooden Bookcase With Glass Doors From

How To Find Good Deals On Bookcases With Doors

If you're opening up your very first law office, then you will probably be looking to save a bit of money on your furniture costs. The good news is that you can do this while still having furniture that looks good and has a very professional appearance. Here, I will discuss how you can find good deals on bookcases with doors.

What Kind Of Bookcase Are You Looking For?

Before you actually go out and buy a bookcase with doors, you need to decide on exactly what kind of bookcase you would like to have. For instance, what color do you prefer? For a law office, black does a really good job of exuding professionalism, power, and confidence, which is something that you want your clients to take note of. You need to decide on what type of wood will work best for you. Wall mounted bookcases with doors are made out of several different types of wood, including walnut, oak, and mahogany. This is almost entirely a matter of preference. Do you want glass doors or wooden doors? If the bookcase gets cluttered, wooden doors will do a good job of hiding that, but it won't do a good job of showcasing things that you are proud of. These are just a few of the things that you should be thinking about prior to checking out any particular set.

Do You Need Your Bookcase With Doors Right Away?

Now that you have narrowed down what kinds of bookcases with doors interest you the most, you need to decide on how soon you're going to need it. If you need it right away, then you'll need to visit a local furniture retailer that will sell you a quality bookcase that you can take back to the office with you right away. Reputable furniture stores include Ikea, Ashley Furniture, and Thomasville. Some of these stores will offer you 0% financing if you have decent credit. Keep in mind however, that a lot of times that 0% financing is part of a deferred interest plan. This means that you don't have to pay any interest as long as you make your payments on time. If you miss a payment, or don't have the whole thing paid off by a certain date, then you will be responsible for all of the interest that you would have paid without 0% financing. I had a couple of plans like this for some furniture that I had purchased many moons ago. It works great as long as you can remember to make the payments in a timely manner. A lot of these stores will even offer free delivery to your office, so that you don't have to worry about the difficulties involved in transporting the furniture by yourself.

Pyramid-Shaped Wall Mounted Bookcase

Wall Mounted Bookcase From

You would also do well to visit stores that sell office furniture, but don't necessarily specialize in it. Such stores include Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowe's. These stores may give you a much better deal than the specialty retailers, as they are usually interested more in just moving their inventories.

If you can afford to wait for a while, then that opens up many other possibilities and gives you more time to find exactly what you are looking for at the best available price. For starters, you should take some time to research the leading brands of bookcases with doors, and visit forums and blogs that discuss each individual brand to help you determine which brands receive the most positive reviews and which ones receive the worst reviews. You can do this by simply doing a search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Once you have an idea regarding what brands appeal to you, look on the online one-stop shops like eBay and These places will often sell you quality products at unbeatable prices, because most of the sellers don't carry inventory. They just place an order with the manufacturer, who ships the item directly to you. Many of the sellers on these two sites will even offer you free shipping. After reviewing what the one-stop shops have to offer, you may want to visit the websites of online furniture retailers and comparison shop for the best prices.

If you follow the steps that I have outlined above, then you will have a much easier time in getting a good deal on a nice set of bookcases with doors.

Important Considerations When Shopping For Antique Bookcases With Doors

Antique bookcases with doors can really improve the look and feel of your new law office, and may even provide more organization. However, you should be aware that antique bookcases with doors can be quite expensive, so you really need to do your homework prior to making a purchase. Here, I will outline some of the most important things that you should consider before you purchase an antique set of bookcases with doors.

Is The Set In Question Functional And Decent Looking?

The problem with many antique bookcases with glass doors is that many of them are not functional when they are purchased, or they are in rough shape. The doors may have broken hinges, or the case may have chips and scrapes that take away from the appearance. You need to get an idea as to how much work it will take to get an antique bookcase with doors set functional and in presentable condition so that it won't be an eyesore to your clients. If the bookcase is going to require a lot of work to get it in decent condition, then you're probably better off looking for a different set. This is especially true if you're like me and don't consider yourself to be a handyman.

Antique French Cherry Bookcase With Drawers

Antique Bookcase With Doors With Original Cherry Finish

Age And Provenance Are A Big Deal

When dealing with antiques, age and provenance can have a tremendous deal on the value of the item in question. Before you buy anything that is said to be antique, you need to do whatever you can to verify the age and provenance of the item. For starters, a bookcase with doors has to be at least 100 years old in order to be considered an authentic antique. This can often be hard to tell due to the many reproductions that are on the market that are being sold as antique, when they're not. Provenance can also be very difficult to verify. For instance, how can you verify that a certain bookcase was used by George Washington in his home? To help you verify these things, you may want to hire a professional appraiser who can tell you a little bit more about the bookcase. The main thing to remember in all of this is that when in doubt, don't buy it. If you can't verify the age and provenance of a certain item, then odds are that you will overspend a bunch by purchasing it.

Is The Bookcase With Doors Set In Its Original Condition?

Another great influence in the value of an antique bookcase with doors is its condition. If it is still in its original condition, then it will be worth more than one that has been fixed up. Prior to making a purchase, you will need to check the bookcase inside and out to make sure that the bookcase has all of its original components. You should look for years worth of wear and tear, like scuffs, dirt, cracks, and such. You should be looking for surface imperfections as the authentic antique bookcases were made by hand, not by machine. Remember that wood shrinks over time, so an antique bookcase should show signs of warping and cracking. Just make sure that the cracks aren't uniform or spread evenly throughout the bookcase, as those kinds of cracks may have been fabricated with the intent of deceiving you into thinking that the bookcase is an authentic antique. If the bookcase has glass doors, then the glass should be thin and warped due to the long-term effects of gravity. The bookcase with doors should also have its original finish.

If you take into account the considerations outlined above prior to purchasing an antique bookcase with doors, then you will be more likely to pick up an authentic antique at a good price, and less likely to spend a bunch of money on something that really isn't antique.

After reading this article, you should now be armed with plenty of information regarding the many benefits that bookcases with doors can bring to an office setting, how to look for a good deal on a bookcase with doors, and considerations that you need to take into account when looking for an antique bookcase. If you apply this information in your quest for quality office furniture, then you will be more likely to get what you're looking for.

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